MM411 Patient Story – Brian – Arthrogryposis

Transcript of our conversation with Brian:

Hi, my name is Brian and I have something called arthrogryposis. It’s stiffness in the joints. I was born like this.

I use medical marijuana for pain in my hip and in my feet, my hands and a lot of other joints. I just noticed that medical marijuana helps me function in everyday life. It just helps me get around and seems to make me a little bit more stronger than I would if I didn’t have it. Coming to the collective helps me purchase my marijuana without any problems of trying to by from the streets, from any kind of dealer or whatever, so its just good for me in my personal case.

I have another friend with a stomach illness, so vague they can’t find out what it wrong with him. They don’t know, so medical marijuana is the only thing that helps him. Even though I have a physical disability, he’s in a lot of real pain and it helps him, <and is> the only thing that helps him. He’s on a lot of pills too and they don’t work compared to the medical marijuana, it helps him out big time. I think its very important for everyone to get a recommendation for people who need medical marijuana. Not only to cover themselves for the law side of it, so that you know that you’re doing, what your doctor has told you what you can do. But also, if you’re ill its a great place to come and get what you need. Your medicine that you need.

I just feel its important for you to have your recommendation so that you can, like me, I take may medicine with me wherever I go. As long I’m not on the street driving a car. If I’m going to my relatives house, I bring my medicine with me. And I don’t want to get pulled over and have the police give a problem over that. So I’m at least covered on that end, so I can travel with my medicine wherever have I go. My family is very supportive of my medical marijuana use. They have no problems with it at all, very cool. I really appreciate, just everything that is given to me.

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