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Arthritis is a bone disease characterized by the inflammation of the joints. Symptoms include a wide range of pain, stiffness, swelling and decreased range of motion. Severe cases of arthritis impair the quality of life of the sufferer drastically, including bouts with significant fatigue and the development of physical deformities. Over ... Read More
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Medical Marijuana Patient Stories - Brian, William Britt and Victoria Zavala Medical Marijuana 411 had the opportunity to meet with medical cannabis patients, Brian, William Britt and Victoria Zavala back in 2010. This video is a re-edit to show that patient stories are timeless. Please watch and share. Subscribe:
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Even though I have a physical disability, hes in a lot of real pain and it helps him, the only thing that helps him. Hes on a lot of pills too and they don't work compared to the medical marijuana, it helps him out big time. I think its very ... Read More
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