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Medical Marijuana is The New Midol? California Docs Pitch Cannabis to Fairer Sex

Daily Dose 2011-07-28 1 comment

Medical Marijuana is The New Midol? California Docs Pitch Cannabis to Fairer Sex

In Los Angeles, the cannabis club capital of the nation, we know that medical marijuana is good for, well, whatever you write down on the clipboard in the pot doc’s office.

Bad backs, migraines, sore muscles, break-ups, raves, Snoop Dogg concerts.

But, ever the clever marketing minds, some cannabis quacks in the Bay Area have come up with a new, novel angle for prescribing weed.

Marijuana is the new Midol. (And, frankly, a bowl has got to be a hell of a lot better than a pill).

The clever graduates of overseas medical schools (we kid) at Greenway Medical Marijuana Physician Evaluations say they’ve got the cure for the monthly blues:

“For many women, monthly menstrual cycles include cramping, and they can also include nausea and backaches. Cannabis is prescribed for cancer patients specifically because it helps target pain and nausea, so it follows that it would also be a good herbal remedy for cramps. Medicinal marijuana also has many secondary, non-psychological effects on the body, including the relaxation of smooth muscles that may be causing the cramps. Indica strains would be beneficial both prior and during the cycle.”

Boo-ya. New demographic.

But there’s more:

They say weed is good for all kinds of (mostly) lady problems, from anorexia (it stimulates the potato chip gene) to menopause (helps patients sleep through hot flashes and can allegedly increase the libido).

Love it. Cannabis is your bud, too, girls.

Anyway, we appreciate the moxie of these physicians.

We’re just waiting for them to discover the GQ-reading metrosexual market.

Weed would be a great cure for the curses of over-employment, ambition and, of course, having-it-together syndrome. (We kid! Comment away).

By Dennis Romero  |  Pubished in LA Weekly


1 comment

  1. sstressed

    I was stationed in Thailand back in the 70s. They used pot for cramps and other aches and pains. My girlfried wouldn’t smoke pot but would use it for such things.

    I decided to smoke less and eat more and I stumbled on this site! Lots of good information here. THanks! 🙂