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One of the last victims of Polio

Interview with Bill Britt, Polio Survivor and Medical Marijuana Patient Advocate

VIDEO (Part 1 of 3): MM411 ( interview with Bill Britt, polio survivor and medical marijuana patient advocate.

William “Bill” Britt discusses what it is like to wake up everyday and deal with the type of pain he has, and how the use of medical marijuana helps him manage his pain, as well as help him improve his overall quality of life.

MM411 interviews, William ‘Bill’ Britt, who suffers from polio and epilepsy. Due to his conditions, Bill suffers from: pain, depression, nausea and insomnia. Bill has had to use traditional drugs like dilantin and phenobarbital, which cause liver and other internal organ damage, to control his pain.

As a medical marijuana user, Bill has been able to decrease his dosage of other medications, counteract the side effects of traditional prescribed medications with marijuana. Using medical marijuana Bill has seen remarkable improvement with his pain, depression, nausea and insomnia. As Bill states, “limited use of cannabis takes the edge off and is the perfect medication”.