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Prosecutor of the Stars Arrested for Cocaine Possession

Rich 2011-03-23 0 comments

By Sarah Jessica Snarker |  Published in

David Schubert - Mug Shot

He was the man charged with making sure hard-partying celebrities Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars paid for their drug possession crimes in the Sin City.

But today, Las Vegas deputy district attorney David Schubert is finding out how it feels to be on the other side of the law.

The NY Daily News reports:

Karma is brutal.

The Vegas prosecutor who took Paris Hiltonand Grammy winner Bruno Mars to task for cocaine possession was busted Saturday on charges of buying crack from a street dealer near the strip.

David Schubert, 47, was pulled over around 5 p.m. and swallowed a crack rock as an undercover cop closed in, Clark County District Attorney David Roger told The News.

A second rock was recovered from his car, Roger said.

The street dealer arrested at the scene later told cops Schubert was a regular customer who started buying six or seven months ago and used him to score three to four times a week, a police report obtained by said.

Schubert, far right, at a hearing for Paris Hilton (Photo credit: Jacobson/AP)

Well, there you go. I guess this helps explain the slap on the wrist sentences for both Mars and Hilton in the wake of their respective run-ins with the Las Vegas court system.

I have to wonder, though, do you think the Nevada Attorney General will go as easy on Mr. Schubert?