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Snoop Dogg set to launch weed-based media platform

meghan 2015-09-22 0 comments

Snoop Dogg has long been an icon in both the entertainment industry and weed world. While he has been unapologetic of his cannabis consumption for many years, he is now officially marrying these two sides of himself with his new media platform Merry Jane.

TechCrunch Disrupt was the site of the project launch on Monday in San Francisco. Snoop Dogg announced his new venture with fellow entrepreneur Ted Chung. The promotional video that aired described the new web platform as “a crossroads of pot culture, business, politics, health.”

The site, which launches in October, will host what will likely be a cornucopia of cannabis content. Think celebrity appearances, cooking shows, and user guides to help you find the proper pot strain for yourself. Snoop and Chung are hoping the site will become a major destination from a retail and branding point of view as well.

There will also be a segment called Deflowered where individuals discuss and share their first experiences with Mary Jane.

Snoop oftentimes finds himself tangling with authorities over the plant despite the fact that he is a long-time medical marijuana patient in his home state of California. Recent scuffles include his July 2015 incident and Instagram documented arrest in Sweden, where he believed he was being racially profiled, and being lassoed by Texas border control agents in 2012.

Snoop also recently invested in the weed delivery startup, Eaze. Eaze connects medical marijuana patients with their medicine via online and app-based ordering. The technology allows for patient verification, perusing of menus, testing results, and delivery time estimates.

Look for Merry Jane to launch in October.