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CBD for anxiety, will it work?


Over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety. Some patients have begun to use cannabis anxiety treatments to treat some of the crippling side effects.
January 17, 2020Lane Trachy
Micro-Dosing: A New Way To Medicate With Marijuana?


Is Micro-Dosing For You? Micro-dosing isn't new. Its the method of giving yourself the minimum amount of a substance needed to reach a desired effect. Marijuana doses vary person to person. You also have to factor in the natural variables that come with different strains and cannabinoid profiles. What does micro dosing mean to ... Read More
October 22, 2016Daily Dose


Advocate Janne Reckert talks about the benefits of microdosing weed and the overall health benefits of cannabis From eating hemp seeds to medicating with CBD oil to absorbing airborne radiation with live plants, Janne Reckert is a big advocate of legalizing cannabis.
March 5, 2016Andrew Bohan


By Dale Gieringer  |  For CAL NORML  In an unprecedented ruling, a Los Angeles court denied a motion by plaintiff & DPFCA member Susan Soares to return her medical marijuana on the grounds that her doctor had not specified a dosage amount or frequency in her recommendation. Soares, who was growing for ... Read More
July 22, 2011Sam Sabzehzar


Thanks to many, including attorney and Denver City Council candidate Warren Edson, Chaz Moore, aka Bill Smith, can now leave school to take his medical marijuana per his doctors recommendation, and return to school to continue receiving his high school education. By Teresa Dupuis |  Published in The Green Leaf He was ... Read More
April 22, 2011Daily Dose


By Pauline Comeau | Published in CMAJ New evidence-based guidelines are urgently needed to help doctors negotiate Canada's hazy medical marijuana landscape, particularly in light of Health Canada's efforts to impose new dose limits, say the nation's leading cannabis researcher and doctors who have been queried about their marijuana authorizations. Canada should ... Read More
March 7, 2011Rich



A Dialogue About Dosing

"Assumes that 50% of the cannabinoid content is destroyed in cooking or otherwise is not bioavailable, I would start with a recipe that results in 30 mg of cannabinoids per cookie in the batter."
January 19, 2011Daily Dose


Colorado is working toward becoming the first state to regulate production of medical marijuana. Regulators say pot consumers deserve to know what they're smoking, and producers should have safety regulations such as pesticide limits for plants destined for human consumption. Right now, patients have no way to verify pot-shop claims that ... Read More
November 29, 2010Daily Dose


Chris Conrad’s new book Cannabis Yields and Dosage: A Guide to the Production and Use of Medical Marijuana is an all-encompassing guide for patients, physicians, lawmakers, and law enforcement. Part I of his book is filled with scientific facts about the yield, uses, and dosage of medical cannabis. ... Read More
April 8, 2010Daily Dose