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20 Oct

80% Of Patients Substituted Prescription Drugs With Cannabis

Medical Marijuana Replaces Prescription Drugs A new survey conducted by the Centre for Addictions Research of British Colombia showed that 80% of patients substituted prescription drugs with cannabis. With legalization, more and more people are discovering how cannabis can provide a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals. This is an especially good time for this research to be released with

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27 Jun

Drug Derived From Marijuana Is Working For People With A Rare Form Of Epilepsy

An experimental drug derived from marijuana just passed another critical hurdle toward being approved to treat certain kinds of epilepsy. A phase 3 trial reported Monday found that the drug, Epidiolex, was more effective at reducing the number of seizures in patients with a type of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. The drug reduced the number

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05 May

Germany relaxes rules on medical marijuana – pharmacies can prescribe for certain conditions

Pharmacies in Germany can prescribe medical marijuana. As the German government prepares for to legalize cannabis for medical purposes about a year from now, Germany made a huge step forward. Doctors will soon be able to prescribe medical marijuana to relieve pain or symptoms for Paraplegics and MS patients. Berlin gave the go-ahead to relax

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23 Sep

Medical marijuana dispensaries reduce fatal pharmaceutical overdoses

In 2013, 60% of overdose deaths in the United States were attributed to prescription painkillers. According to the Center for Disease Control, this totaled approximately 16,000 individuals nationwide that lost their lives to fatal interactions with legal pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical overdose conversation changes dramatically when medical marijuana is introduced. The RAND Corporation and the University

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