From Sicko to Medical Marijuana, Big Pharma On the Offensive

By Sam Sabzehzar

Philip Davis, Assistant Attorney General for Colorado, declines to verify the facts but believes they speak for themselves regardless of scientific data proving cannabis to be less harmful than many other medications, including those prescribed by doctors to pregant women.

The medical cannabis community has a target on their backs, and the first shots fired in Colorado are aimed at one Denver-based doctor who supposedly gave recommendations to police offices (who I image get sick also and require medicine), as well as for a pregnant woman who was looking out for the best interest of her child and herself by avoiding opiate-based drugs other doctors would prescribe.

For centuries, cannabis has been used to alleviate ailments, including morning sickness during pregnancy, and research suggests current synthetic medicines are more harmful than medical marijuana, a plant that has no harmful side effects.

In fact, if cannabinoid receptors in babies didn’t function properly, that would not suckle the breast or bottle and would die.

In Colorado, one doctor who was protecting the rights of citizens by writing recommendations is now being threatened by the State for ‘prescription negligence’ – an oxymoron of moronic proportions.

For one, medical cannabis in Colorado, like every other state, is only recommended.  Only four people in the country have prescriptions, and those say to “smoke 10-12 joints per day” and the marijuana is grown for them by the University of Mississippi, and shipped to them every twenty-five days, for several decades now.

To threaten a doctor for ‘prescription negligence’ for a recommendation, the actions by the State beg the question; was Dr. Aquino negligent because he didn’t prescribe a pharmaceutical company’s drug, but rather medical marijuana instead, which would in turn threaten the bottom line of the company?

At what cost to tax payers is this witch hunt?  Can an Attorney General be found negligent for tax dollars being spent irresponsibly, especially when the state capital just hosted a very successful medical marijuana convention which would have brought in millions of dollars, and sales taxes.

The timing is all too curious, but such is the nature of an Attorney General’s agenda, and as the pharmaceutical companies have their bottom line threatened, they unfurl their final hurls to the one plant they should be seeking to synthesize.

As a whistle-blower for big pharma admitted on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now!, when Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’ screened at Cannes, they sent someone to attent and report back so they could attempt to silence his message (and was quoted as saying to “push Michael Moore off a cliff”)- that our health care delivery system is broken… and we can’t rely on big pharma to fix it, especially when it’s not broken to them when they see the profits in keeping us on damaging drugs for the rest of our days.

If a doctor is Colorado, or elsewhere, threaten that profit stream, or a film for that matter, they will do everything in their power to weed out and make examples of anyone who attempts to do so, and will engage Attorney Generals to fire the shots at anyone with the target on their backs.

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