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Fridays in Washington state are big ones in the recreational weed world—consistently posting daily sales numbers in the $2 to $4 million range throughout the summer of 2015. The last Friday in August included a record-breaking number, a staggering $4.2 million including excise taxes applied to shelf prices. While Fridays undoubtedly ... Read More
September 18, 2015Meghan Ridley


By STEPH SHERER  |  Published in Huffington Post As Washington State begin implementation, will regulators and policy makers lose sight of patients in the process? I recently was in to Denver today to accept an award from the Drug Policy Alliance, one of Americans for Safe Access' allies in the fight for patient ... Read More
October 27, 2013Sam Sabzehzar


By Rob Kampia  |  Published in The Huffington Post The marijuana policy reform movement reached a significant milestone this month when Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the nation's fifth-largest state. With medical marijuana officially on the books in Illinois -- as well as in New Hampshire, where ... Read More
August 23, 2013Sam Sabzehzar


By Mike Liszewski  |  Published in Safe Access Now On Wednesday, Oregon joined the growing number of states that have enacted laws that permit a system of state-approved medical cannabis dispensaries. Oregon joins Nevada,New Hampshire, and Illinois as the four states that adopted medical cannabis dispensary laws in 2013. While the New Hampshire and Illinois laws are ... Read More
August 15, 2013Sam Sabzehzar


"We want to find a pathway forward. But if it comes to it, the Washington Attorney General’s Office will be prepared for a legal fight” WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson. By Kevin Robillard  |  Published in Politico.com Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said a Tuesday meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder was a “confidence ... Read More
January 24, 2013Sam Sabzehzar


https://youtu.be/LZUBnR333gk By Peter's Page  |  December 17, 2012 Paul Stanford, President of Presto Quality Care, formerly THCF Medical Clinic, and founder of Hempstalk in Oregon remembers author and activist Peter McWilliams.  
December 17, 2012Sam Sabzehzar


By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee  |  Published on Seattle.Gov The people have spoken. Voters have passed Initiative 502 and beginning December 6th, it is not a violation of state law for adults over 21 years old to possess up to an ounce of marijuana (or 16 ounces of solid marijuana-infused product, like cookies, or 72 ... Read More
November 18, 2012Sam Sabzehzar


Now that the end of marijuana prohibition is upon us, author Jeffrey Dhywood reminds us that we must continue our fight against the Feds By Jeffrey Dhywood  |  Published in World-War-D.com After a truly historic day, the States of Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana by wide margins – by double-digits margin in ... Read More
November 7, 2012Sam Sabzehzar


Portions of a letter to The Honorable Judge David Frasier and Prosecuting Attorney Bill Druffel in Seattle, Washington, regarding Tyler Markwart, who began a hunger strike December 4, 2011 to highlight the ineffectiveness of the War on Drugs. Tyler is doing this while facing prosecution for his use of medicinal cannabis, ... Read More
December 4, 2011Sam Sabzehzar