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The state of Washington's new "Joints for Jabs" campaign offers free marijuana joints to promote vaccinations.
June 9, 2021Lane Trachy


The federal government prosecuted the Kettle Falls Five family for growing marijuana, even though they held medical authorizations in Washington State.
May 22, 2017Chris Nazarenus


A 1,900-percent growth in above-board sales in Washington since pot became legal in 2012. Highest Tax Revenue For Washington State Cannabis In 2016 - $410 Million. Washington’s recreational marijuana sales passed the $1.1 billion mark with sales taxes reaching $410 million in 2016 – the first time the state has reached ... Read More
January 10, 2017Daily Dose
Changes to Washington State's Legal Cannabis Industry Will Drive Up Annual Sales To $2.4 Billion By 2020


Changes to Washington state's legal cannabis industry will drive up annual sales to $2.4 billion by 2020, “The Washington market is maturing, but it has a long way to go to reach saturation. It will practically double by 2020. People really like cannabis and the regulated market is beating ... Read More
December 28, 2016Daily Dose
Washington Group Starts Fund to Help With The Cost Of Medical Marijuana


Marijuana's Schedule 1 Status Leaves Little Options For Medical Assistance Washington group starts fund to help with the cost of medical marijuana- The Washington CannaBusiness Association said Tuesday that the new charitable effort will expand patient access to medical marijuana.  “People don’t have access to the same kinds of opportunities to get ... Read More
December 7, 2016Daily Dose
Marijuana Shop Gives Away $36,000 Worth Of Weed


Wednesday Before Thanksgiving Green Wednesday For One Community With Black Friday behind us, you could consider the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Green Wednesday, as  one marijuana shop gives away $36,000 worth of weed, and yes it's legal. At 4:20 Friendly in Spokane, the store donated 1 ounce of weed for up to 180 ... Read More
November 26, 2016Daily Dose
Rolland Gregg


A federal jury last year convicted Gregg of growing 50 to 100 marijuana plants and now faces prosecution. Rolland Gregg and his family have fought federal marijuana charges for more than three years, arguing that the roughly 70 marijuana plants investigators found on their Washington property were for their own medicinal ... Read More
May 9, 2016Daily Dose


Farming cannabis in the new economy Medical marijuana farmer Tom Lauerman has dedicated his life to normalizing cannabis in the U.S. He went from being arrested at his medical collective in 1999, to working with the federal government today to establish the first ever national safety guidelines for the cannabis industry.  
March 6, 2016Andrew Bohan


Amidst a tearful courtroom of onlookers, Judge Thomas Rice sentenced the family of medical marijuana patients known as the Kettle Falls Five to federal prison for time periods ranging from one year to 33 months. Rolland Gregg received the heaviest penalty with the sentence of 33 months. His wife, Michelle Gregg, ... Read More
October 2, 2015Meghan Ridley