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The Human Solution Sheds Light on Family Abused by Legal System Due to Unclear Laws

Sam Sabzehzar 2011-07-11 0 comments

By Sam Sabzehzar |  July 11, 2011

Members of The Human Solution showed up to provide court support for the couple last week during their sentencing. (Photo credit: Steve Bee)

Steve and Mary Bunn found themselves in a courtroom filled with thirty people supporting them, all wearing Solidarity Ribbons, as the injustices in the justice system allow for a couple in California to have their daughter possibly taken away from them because of child endangerment.

Not because their cleaning supplies were under the sink and the child could potentially drink poison.  Also not because of chemicals in their food-like substances that will ultimately contribute to poor health down the road.

But rather, because a plant that can reverse the damages done by a contaminated world was being grown on their property.

That’s right. Medical cannabis, which has proven to be safe and effective medicine, and is documented as being one of the safest, if not the safest, substance on the planet.

As a non-toxic medicine plant, the properties have many healing benefits and an Indio couple allowed a patient to grown on their property for his own needs, and never compromised the secured site.

“It feels a lot better to have people standing behind us and supporting us,” says Steve Bunn, who was sentenced to sixteen months in prison.

However, for the Bunn’s, who have a little boy that will begin kindergarten after the summer, they find themselves in the middle of a legal battle that could potentially end with their family ripped apart because the safest substance on the planet was being grown in a rented shed that happened to be on their property.

The man who rented to shed, Chris Yap, was growing the plants for patients who cannot, under his collective Human Kindness Center, and is a legal medical marijuana patient himself, can’t believe Riverside County would go after the couple, rather than the him.

“The plants that were in that room were under my exclusive control,” Yapp tells KMIR News.

Seekers of justice are encouraged to call Riverside County District Attorney’s office and demand they cease and desist all harassing prosecutions of medical cannabis patients, as well as families who “have done nothing wrong and are being ripped apart by the very community the pay taxes in,” according to one member of The Human Solution.

“The spirit and integrity of California’s medical cannabis laws never intended to have cities spend much needed tax dollars on frivolous medical cannabis cases that followed the letter of the law.

“The whole thing with Steve and Mary is such a miscarriage of justice,” says Lanny Swerdlow, who is an RN and plays an active role educating others about medical cannabis.

The Riverside County D.A.’s office declined to comment, but told KMIR during the trial they believe none of the cannabis cultivated in the locked shed was for medical cannabis patients, but intended to be sold to individuals that would not use it for medical purposes.