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This is Amy.

Daily Dose 2011-04-13 3 comments

Fragile Bones.

jeremiahstanley.comMusic by Ethan B. Norman

She has forcefully and earnestly battled osteogenesis imperfecta congenital, the most severe form of the rare genetic disorder, since birth. Think brittle bone disease mixed with scoliosis and melded with multiple gastro-intestinal complications. Bend and snap.

She has never placed one foot in front of the other. Instead, she awakes every day to a body buckled, bent and bound to a wheelchair. The medicinal marijuana, outlawed in the state of Florida, crowds out most of the pain. Some still slips through.

Most tormented with the severity of her disease don’t live half as long as she has managed. After 51 years of struggling beneath the crunch of the bone disease and suffering through more than 100 surgeries, Amy has deteriorated to the 3-foot-9, 53-pound mass of flesh and bone she carries today. That weight, hidden behind her protruding ligaments, barrel-shaped rib cage and twisted spine, all 53 pounds of it, can, in fact, hang heavily.

This is Amy.

by H.L.M.


  1. elaine oates

    Hello I read so much great things cannabis oil is doing for people,but I can’t get any I don’t know how to go about purchasing some, I have osteo and bursitis im over other medicines that don’t work.

  2. Al

    I just feel ashamed that my country and the politicians are so corrupt. not allowing this to be legal for medicinal use. is beyond understanding…thousands of people will benefit in every aspect if legal.. But greed, money and power is stronger than saving thousands of people from many illness around this country and arund the world..

  3. Joe

    And some still think that the whole “patient” thing is just an excuse for us to get high!