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This Mother’s Plea For Access To Medical Marijuana Will Bring You To Tears

audioburst 2015-12-03 0 comments

I’m here because there are people that call me an activist, the most important people in my life call me mom. I’m the chapter leader, the Massachusetts chapter leader of an organization called parents for pot, we are a non profit, we support families that have to move for legal medicine access. We also support families of people who are incarcerated for cannabis. It’s easy to stand here on the common today to pass joints around and to take for granted that we can do this


when there are people in jail for decades for doing the same thing. So, as we move forward with legalization we don’t leave those people behind we extend our hands back, we let them know that they are pioneers and we are still here for them. I was out in this crowd last year I was just one of you. And I sat our there and I listened to mickey martin who’s a national activist from California stand up here on this stage and tell you that out there on the grass


was a mom who cries herself to sleep every night because her daughter who is seven years old has seizures every day was suffering because we passed a law here in Massachusetts. We went to the ballots, we went to the polls, we voted, we said Cannabis is medicine, three years ago and patients still to this day don’t have access because of their zip codes because of where we live. I was that mom out there and that’s my daughter that’s suffering. So Mickey Martin


told you all to get mad about prohibition, to get mad that there are people suffering he told you to get mad but more importantly he told you to do something about it. So that’s why I’m here today, because I listened to Mickey, I listened, because I did something. There’s a bill in the committee right now that would change our medical program, that would bring access to patients, its called H1065 and it needs you it needs you to not be intimidated by


a title like state rep and it needs you to call yours it needs you to call them and tell them that patients are suffering and you demand a voice for those that don’t have one. It would allow caregivers to cultivate for up to ten patients instead of the one that is allowed right now by law. It would also allow a reciprocity to patients traveling for medical care here in Massachusetts from other states it would also prohibit discrimination against organ recipients


for being a medical cannabis patient. Did you know that? If your liver fails and you’re a medical cannabis patient they can tell you that you can’t get a new one? We have the opportunity right now to make history to decide for ourselves what legalization looks like we have the opportunity  to have not one but two legalization questions on the ballot in 2016 we get an unprecedented opportunity to sign those petitions both of them. To get both questions


on the ballot to decide for ourselves what legalization looks like. So be mad, right? Be mad about prohibition but do something about it, register to vote, get to the poll be mad about it enough to fill in that circle on the ballot in 2016 and have a great afternoon in the name of Cannabis, right? Thank you all.