Why is Carol Boigon belittling medical marijuana jobs (or any jobs) in this economy?

By Michael Roberts |  Comment of the Day, Published in Denver Westword

​Denver mayoral candidate Carol Boigon’s new campaign advertisement stresses that putting medical marijuana dispensaries “everywhere” is “not a jobs plan.”

This line, which seems on the surface to be a stealthy attack on Doug Linkhart, who supports the medical marijuana industry, and other hopefuls who’ve rubbed shoulders with MMJ types, riled up plenty of commenters — and mystified this one.

Ecodude writes:

“Even if I wasn’t an MMJ patient, this is just the weirdest approach I have ever seen taken by a politician.

In times like these, why on earth would you seek to undermine, limit, or speak against ANY growth industry? And why are any of the other industries mentioned in this ad mutually exclusive to MMJ? Seriously, it’s not like “putting dispensaries everywhere” is creating a real estate shortage for bioscience companies or discouraging manufacturing in any way. And I’ve heard from more than one real estate agent that their commercial divisions are being buoyed by MMJ right now, as other types of businesses are going under.

Her reference to solar is also bogus – perhaps she did not read the news when Xcel stopped accepting new applications for their solar rebate program in February, thereby breaking the legs of the 400+ small solar businesses in Colorado founded on the incentives that were passed by voters. Sorry Carol – MMJ had nothing to do with our public utilities shitting on the state’s solar industry. Oh – but that is the free market in action and that’s ok, right?

Great, then why don’t you concentrate on the real problems and let the free market work its magic, as you pols always claim is the American way? There is a reason dispensaries popped up on every corner – it’s called supply and demand.

You’d think these idiots would leave the MMJ industry alone and be happy with the outrageous taxes and fees they are collecting for a plant that grows wild on almost every continent on earth. It is just absolutely mind boggling and defies all logic to me.”


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