Willow Creek Springs to Host Craft Fair This Weekend

All the plants in at Willow Creek Springs are propagated on site, ensuring a hardiness that is equal to the harsh winters and summers in the area.

By Miranda Owens, published in The Examiner

(Editor’s Note: there have been minor changes to the original piece.  Please view link for original story)

Families look no further for an afternoon of clean air and beautiful botanical gardens. The best part, you can bring the kids and let them explore while you support local artists and crafters. Willow Creek Springs Botanical Gardens is nestled in a beautiful landscape and will be hosting their first Annual Craft Fair this Saturday, December 4th, from 10am to 4pm.

There will be plenty of live entertainment, local artists and crafters, carnival booths, face painting, a petting zoo, a full suited knight for the little ones to challenge.
Willow Creek Springs Botanical Gardens and Nursery was created by Liz and Joe Grumbine. With the help of diligent volunteers, they first opened their garden gates in 2007, where they were able to grow their garden as well as host weddings and other events, especially in the beginning, although they tend to focus less on weddings now and more on events such as their Craft Fair.
Photo credit: Miranda Owens
“We’re a very family oriented group.  In fact, we just celebrated our 15th year hosting Thanksgiving and we’ll have a large crowd here around Easter time when the kids are running around looking for easter eggs,” explains Joe.   “Between our food and clothes drive, toy drive, and work drive, which places out of work people with people who need something, anything, done, we’ll probably need a break between this holiday and Easter.”  His desire to help others is what drives Joe, and his reward comes in the way of joy, payable by a smile, his favorite currency.
Joe Grumbine is also known as The Human Solution, not because he is one (although he is) but rather because of the group he founded, The Human Solution, which provides patient support in various areas of medical marijuana advocacy.
Human solutions go beyond the realm of medical marijuana, and so does Joe, which is why he views medicinal cannabis as one spoke in the wheel of solutions for a better quality of life, and also why he and his wife, Liz, created their sanctuary almost 4 years ago.
They offer more than trees, shrubs, and plants. Willow Creek Springs also offers a line of 100% organic beauty products, homemade jellies and syrups, and offers classes on Organic Gardening.
For more information, please call 951-436-6312 or say hi to them on the web.
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