Meet Cheryl Shuman, the Martha Stewart of Marijuana

From Optician to the Stars to the Martha Stewart of Marijuana, Cheryl Shuman has invented and reinvented herself with great success, and is on a course to be the perfect blend of Oprah entrepreneurship and Martha Stewart marketing, making Ms. Shuman the most sought after woman in the cannabis industry.

By Anna Pulley  |  Published in SF Weekly

Part Martha Stewart, part Oprah, will the real Cheryl Shuman please stand up?

She doesn’t make pot-leaf doilies or anything (yet), but Cheryl Shuman, the self-proclaimed “Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” is definitely bringing a more suburban mom image to our favorite herb.

Shuman was recently on The Ricki Lake Show talking about her struggles with ovarian cancer and her quest to make weed more adorable.

We’re not sure what exactly makes Shuman the Martha Stewart of mariuana, though she does show off a display of Etsy-esque cannabis oils, sleek electronic marijuana cigarettes, and prettily packaged edibles.

Shuman does emulate the Queen of Craftiness where it counts most: She’s a marketing bad-ass, who has worked with famous people like, oh, Michael Jackson, former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julia Roberts, Madonna, and Steven Tyler and Tom Cruise.

She is also in development talks with WME for a reality TV show, which after surviving cancer through the use of cannabis, is sure to include the right ingredients to make the message digestible to the mainstream-soccermom market.


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