Elvy Musikka Patient Story – Glaucoma

Elvy Musikka Discusses The Medicine She Recieves From the Federal Medical Marijuana Program

Transcript: The Medical Marijuana the government supplies four of us today, has been grown at the University of Mississippi in Oxford since the ’70’s. It grows every year I guess. And they ship it to North Carolina and they get it rolled into papers, and then they look like a Pall Mall, I wish I had one now, but I am leaving tomorrow and all of those are gone.

All I have in there now is my utensils and things like that. They don’t smell like marijuana sometimes, I don’t know. This new batch I can’t wait to get back home and really pay more attention because I automatically just took them out of the thing to make my oils, so I could bake with it and stuff because I have to concentrate because of the low THC. It didn’t dawn on me till after I was doing my little capsules, I’m looking at it, hey wait a minute, I haven’t had to clean this, this is clean. Oh my god, what is this, then I read, oh this is from last year. Wow that is awesome. That’s great.

So I am looking forward to humidifying it, which you always have to do, because it is freeze-dried and then rerolling it and smoking it, or vaporizing it. I will definitely be doing both when I get home. I have to carry my cannabis with me, because I don’t want that suitcase to get lost with 6 tins a 6 month supply of marijuana for me. So what happens is, I just put it in my back pack, and my purse. I carry it with me all the time. And always wonder what craziness is gonna happen next. But I carry a little card that my doctor has signed that tells that I am a Federal patient that is receiving medical marijuana.

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