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Minnesota State Flag on cannabis background.


The state of Minnesota is making headlines this December, not for its freezing temperatures, but for increasing medical cannabis access.
December 5, 2019Lane Trachy
Using Marijuana May Help Your Night Vision


Researchers Find Cannabinoids Applied To The Eye, Widen Field of Vision Researchers from the Montreal Neurological Institute say using marijuana may help your night vision by decreasing the eyes' sensitivity to light. One side effect of marijuana use on  the eye, is redness. THC, a naturally occurring cannabinoid, lowers blood pressure, which dilates the ... Read More
November 3, 2016Daily Dose
The Impact of Marijuana on Diabetes and Complications From Diabetes


The Impact of Marijuana on Diabetes and Complications From Diabetes in the U.S., over 29.1 million people are currently diagnosed with diabetes.
October 18, 2016Daily Dose
medical marijuana helps opioid withdrawal


Minnesota Commissioner of Health Dr. Ed Ehlinger decides to add intractable pain as a qualifying condition for the Minnesota medical cannabis program.
December 7, 2015Chris Nazarenus


Kari L. Franson, PharmD, PhD, BCPP, of the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy described the evidence for using medical marijuana in older patient populations during a session at the 2015 American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although many states have approved ... Read More
November 11, 2015Daily Dose


What medical conditions qualify for marijuana treatment in California? California passed the Compassionate Use Act, also known as Prop 215, in 1996. Prop 215 provides legal protections to seriously ill patients who have a doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana for medical purposes, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The measure ... Read More
November 2, 2015Daily Dose
ALS and Medical Marijuana


What Is Glaucoma An ocular condition characterized by varying degrees of pressure resulting in damage to the optic nerve. There are two main types of glaucoma: Open-angle Glaucoma Also called wide-angle glaucoma, this is the most common type of glaucoma. The structures of the eye appear normal, but fluid in the eye does ... Read More
July 28, 2015Daily Dose
Irvin Rosenfeld - For Past 32 Years, His Medicine Has Been Marijuana


"Compassionate Investigational New Drug" Program Patient Speaks Out The tin canister that Irvin Rosenfeld picks up every month, filled to the brim with 300 marijuana cigarettes, is not something he tries to hide. In fact, the 61-year-old Portsmouth native encourages a look, because he's got papers. Rolling papers, sure, but legal ones, too. ... Read More
April 1, 2015Daily Dose
Medical Marijuana For Pain? More Patients Are Saying Yes


Concrete Reasons Why Marijuana is Medicine Five concrete benefits of cannabis as A medicine. The concept of medical cannabis is not new. The ancient physicians prescribed it for pain relief, digestive problems and psychological disorders, among other conditions. Cannabis sativa is the plant from which the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds ... Read More
March 3, 2015Daily Dose