Inventor of Napster, Facebook Co-Founders Donate $170,000 to California's Cannabis Campaign

Co-founders of Facebook and the inventor of Napster have donated $170,000 in support of Prop 19, California’s initiative to ‘tax and regulate’ cannabis.

Sean Parker and Dustin Moskowitz coughed up the green to the campaign just in time, as California voters will begin to send off their absentee ballots next week and groups like Long Distance Voter help citizens sign up last minute unregistered voters as well as give them tools to vote absentee.

The Yes on 19 campaign has recently gained popularity is looking like it has a strong chance of passing, and while other states will be voting on medical marijuana rights for patients, Parker and Moskowitz see value not just in Prop 19, but also in their publicized donations to the Tax and Regulate Initiative in California.

Many who attached themselves to the Yes on 19 vote are not medical marijuana patients, however there are many patients that see the dangers of prohibition and they lend their support and solidarity with the Yes camp.  Many patients are treated as criminals first, with the attitude of the authority suggesting the patient is “lucky” to be sick, otherwise they would be a ‘criminal.’

There are two bills that are in committee right now: the Truth in Trials Act (H.R. 3939) and the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act.  In federal court cases, the trial cannot deny the right to the medical defense – an important right that is currently denied to patients in almost all federal cases.

Currently there are 31 co-sponsors of the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act (H.R. 2835), which will see more sponsors attached to the bill and moved onto the floor of the House of Representatives as their constituents casts their votes this November, when many are looking to click the “Like” button, as trends have recently shown.

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