Gov. Chris Christie Calls Marijuana Sales “Blood Money”

Governor Christie Still Thinks Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug

Gov. Chris Christie Calls Marijuana Sales “Blood Money”- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did his monthly “Ask the Governor” radio show on WKXW-FM in Trenton New Jersey, the governor made a number of “bold” comments, but none more so than when a caller asked him about his role in New Jersey’s foremost obstacle to the legalization of recreational marijuana. Christie not only had no qualms about admitting that he’s standing in the way of the pro-marijuana efforts, but admonished his opponents for pushing legislation that would bring in “blood money.”

When the caller  brought up using marijuana taxes to offset the gas tax Christie recently raised, he was interrupted by the governor “Are you high right now?” Christie asked, saying the argument didn’t make sense.

That’s When He Started Talking About The Evils Of Marijuana

“To me, legalization of marijuana for tax purposes — and that’s the way people justify it because you can’t justify it anyway — it’s blood money,” Christie said. ” That’s what it is to me. I have watched too many kids start their addiction with alcohol and marijuana, and then move on to much more serious drugs. And every study shows that marijuana is a gateway drug.”

That last part is absolutley not true. Recent studies from the University of British Columbia and UC Irvine both concluded that marijuana may be an important tool in getting addicts off of harder drugs. The Surgeon General has also spoken out about the fact that marijuana is not a gateway drug

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing that we spend in government that’s important enough to allow me to willfully poison our children for that money,” Christie continued. “That’s blood money. Now, I understand other states have decided the other way. You’re damn right I’m the only impediment. And I am going to remain the only impediment until January of 2018.”



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