Interview With Roll-Uh-Bowl CEO Ashton Jones

Interview With Roll-Uh-Bowl CEO Ashton Jones – In this business you come across all sorts of fun products.  Some are simply improvements on existing technology, and some, like the Roll-Uh-Bowl are so far out there, and so unique that you are compelled to find out more.  I spent some time on the site, and looked around the interwebs, as you do when trying to find out about something interesting, and the more I learned the more I was intrigued by this one of a kind product.  Immediately I thought it was one of the more fun products I had seen, and then my thoughts turned to why? Why develop a silicone water pipe, and how did it’s evolution come about?

After completely falling in love with the Roll-uh-Bowl, I knew I needed to find out the story behind it’s creation, and for that, I reached out to Chief Executive Roller, Ashton Jones.  Here is my Q&A with Ashton:

MM411 – Hi Ashton.  Tell us how you came up with the idea for a silicone water pipe?
Ashton Jones – We are all outdoor enthusiasts. We wanted to create something that would go hand-in-hand with our active lifestyles. We got tired of breaking our nice glass pieces when we were out on adventures. With Roll-uh-Bowl we can leave our nice glass at home, and still get big rips on the go.

MM411 – Tell me about the development process.
AJ – It was paramount that it was made in the USA. We found an ISO certified silicone manufacturer in Maine and decided to utilize the highest grade silicone available, which is Medical grade silicone – the same material used in Health Care, and the same material baby bottle nipples are made out of. We decided to spend more money to ensure we were getting the highest quality material available.

MM411 – Your Tag-Line: Smoky Bubbles. Anywhere. There must be a story behind that…
AJ – Our vision for our brand is to change the stigma of the traditional couch potato “stoner” to the modern day active cannabis consumer who medicates while they are on the go. “Smoky Bubbles. Anywhere” embodies the active, outdoors enthusiast. With the Roll-uh-Bowl, someone who is camping, hiking, skiing or skating, can make Smoky Bubbles. Anywhere.

MM411 – Have you always been based in Massachussetts?
AJ – The product was conceived in Montana, but the business is run out of Boston.

MM411 – Do you have any new products currently in development?
AJ – We are constantly developing new ideas and looking to expand our product line. We have a couple big things in the works that are slated for release in the Spring of 2016. We also have a new item that will drop soon on I can’t go into too much detail now, but any Roll-uh-Bowl fan will love this product! It will be an essential item for any connoisseur in this space. Stay tuned to for our big Announcement in the coming months!

MM411 – Thanks Ashton!  We look forward to hearing about new additions to your product line.
AJ – Thank you!

Head over to Roll-Uh-Bowl and check it out for yourself.  And if you decide you want to make your own smoky bubbles on the go, use code MM411 at checkout to save yourself 10%.  Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our full product review, which is coming your way very soon.

Want to see the Roll-Uh-Bowl in action?  Here’s a quick clip from the manufacturers YouTube channel:

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