THC Oil Is Saving The Life Of My Sister

THC Oil Is Saving The Life of My Sister

A letter from Catherine, describing the positive impact THC oil has had on her sister, who has Crohn’s disease.

Her symptoms of crohn’s began when she was barely a teenager It’s truly miraculous to see her more vibrant than I’ve ever seen her. When I think about having to live a day in the life of my sister’s shoes it breaks my heart to imagine how painful every moment of every day is.

Her symptoms of Crohn’s began when she was barely a teenager.

As she became more sick, she lost drastic amounts of weight. She was sleeping all the time when everyone else her age was out living vibrant teenage lives. She was 16 when she was diagnosed with crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s is a terrible autoimmune disorder that attacks a person’s entire digestive system.

When my sister was diagnosed at 16 she was so pale that her face actually looked grey, she looked like a skeleton wearing skin, she was hunched over all the time, she could barely produce a smile, and according to her doctors her entire digestive track was covered in ulcers.

I still can’t imagine how painful that part of her life must have been. I’m not sure of all the medical details from back then since it was ten years ago, but I do know that they put her on prednisone, which is a steroid.

I suppose I thought that maybe she was cured. I was 18 and truly optimistic that since the doctors knew what she had that her disease could be managed. I know now that diagnosing her disease was only the beginning of what has been and still is a frightening and painful journey to be a part of. When she has a good day we, her family, know it and when she’s in pain we also know it.

When she begins her dissent into sickness you can find her sleeping on the couch at 3 in the afternoon in a room full of family and friends that are having a good time. When she’s really sick her energy can only be used to focus on managing her pain. I’ll say to her, “have something to eat” and she will just shake her head no and look at the floor.

I wanted to try to paint a picture of what the last 10 years has been like for my sister. This disease has taken EVERYTHING away from her. She was forced to drop out of college due to her sickness because she had an abscess the size if a softball resting on her sciatic nerve. Meanwhile, she was a driver for a company where she was delivering up to 50lb. packages everyday!

This was when she had her first surgery to take the part of her intestine out that absorbs the vitamin B12. She now has to take that vitamin in the form of a shot so that her body won’t be deficient of it.

The months leading up to this surgery she found it impossible to be in school and work. She quit school and lost her health insurance because she was still under our parent’s insurance at the time. She slept all the time and when she is really sick she pretty much avoids everyone because she doesn’t want them to see her in pain and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

I’ve been relentlessly searching for information on this disease everywhere I can look.There is no definitive cause for crohn’s disease and therefor there is NO CURE.

That is a frustrating fact to deal with.

My sister also has no insurance because she can’t get insurance because she’s sick.

She was doing the remicade treatments for about a year (I think) before I found Shona Banda. I knew that the remicade treatments weren’t a long term solution from the beginning.

I’ve spent the last year relentlessly researching for some type of answer. No one knows anything. We have hit all too many dead ends in both research and treatment.

When I saw Shona Banda’s video for the first time I felt like she was talking to ME. I think I watched it like 5 times in row when I found it. I thought to myself, ” if this woman was this sick and is doing this well then it HAS to help my sister!” I felt like God placed a miracle before me! I bought Shona’s book immediately and called my sister to tell her she had to see what I stumbled on.

Shona Banda
Shona Banda

My sister was already smoking marijuana to ease her pain and help her have any type of appetite, but the THC oil was something I had never heard of using.

She has now been using the oil for about 5 weeks and my sister seems healthier, happier, and more energetic than I think I’ve ever seen her. She has been coming to all of my kids’ special events lately, like their preschool graduation and dance recital. Before THC oil she would never have had the energy to come to those things. She’s even missed their birthdays because she was too sick to have the energy to be around everyone. My sister has another chance at life.

For every prayer that’s been said for her I hope to God that this is the answer he has sent to us. I wrote this because I wanted to add an outside perspective to my sister’s testament. THC oil is working for her. I will continue to try to do my part to raise awareness and hopefully we can pass a medical marijuana bill in NH.

Thank you to anyone who reads this and is listening to the prayers of sick, desperate people who just want to live like everyone else.


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