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20 Nov

Mexican girl’s medical cannabis win raises hopes for others

Mexican girl’s medical cannabis win raises hopes for others Monterrey (Mexico) (AFP) – Grace can finally sleep through the night without being awakened by one of her epileptic crises since the eight-year-old Mexican girl started taking cannabis-based medicine a month ago. Her parents have seen a marked improvement in their daughter’s conditions since she became

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09 Mar

It’s A Gray Area: Drug prohibition has failed U.S., Mexico

Daily Pilot Editor’s note: Judge James P. Gray (Ret.) was a speaker Feb. 16 at the closing banquet of an international forum titled “Drugs Unbalanced — After a Century of Their Prohibition.” The forum was sponsored by Mexico United Against Delinquency, and was held at the Anthropological Museum in Mexico City. The following is a summary of his comments. By Judge

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27 Oct

Drug War Profiteers: Book Exposes How Wachovia Bank Laundered Millions for Mexican Cartels

As protests continue against Wall Street and the nation’s biggest banks, Democracy Now! speaks to British journalist Ed Vulliamy, author of “Amexica: War Along the Borderline.” By Democracy Now!  |  Published in At the time, Wachovia was the nation’s fourth-largest bank. It has since been taken over by Wells Fargo. “You can’t drive around

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