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03 May

Runner’s high: the athletes who use marijuana to improve their training

Athletes have quietly used marijuana as part of their training regimes Avery Collins speaks with the snow-bro drawl typical of many young Coloradans. With his bloodshot, blue eyes peeking out from under blond curls and a low-slung hat, he could easily fit in with the stoners at a 4/20 festival. “For me, it’s a spiritual

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16 Dec

WEED – The Truth About Marijuana, Cannabis Documentary

YouTube Description: WEED- The Truth About Marijuana, Cannabis Scientific Research Documentary Chris NazarenusBefore co-founding Medical Marijuana 411, Ms. Nazarenus successfully sold, implemented and configured Digital Asset Management Systems for Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest publishers in the world. She is an expert in social media and digital strategies and content management specialist

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15 Dec

‘Grandma’s magic remedy:’ Mexico’s medical marijuana secret

Mexico City (AFP) – When her legs ache, this Mexican grandmother rubs them with marijuana-infused alcohol. She is well aware the homemade remedy defies the country’s cannabis ban, but her family has used the concoction to treat ailments since she was a child, handing it down the generations. “I really have a lot of faith

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08 Dec

Scientists Found That Exercising Releases The Same Chemicals In Your Brain As Marijuana

Researchers at the University of Heidelberg say they have discovered an interesting connection between smoking long-distance runners and pot smokers. 00:00 A new study suggests active runners may share something in common with pot smokers. Here’s correspondent Scott Carr. – In the 80s scientists found that endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller were produced after prolonged

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30 Sep

Medical marijuana seems to safely help chronic pain patients: study

Medical marijuana seems to safely help chronic pain patients: study TORONTO — Medical cannabis appears to be reasonably safe as well as effective in helping to relieve chronic pain — at least in patients who have previously used the drug, a study has found.The benchmark study, conducted at seven pain-management clinics across Canada, found that

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01 Aug


Insomnia and Medical Marijuana Insomnia is A sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling asleep and/or remaining asleep for an adequate period of time. Studies show that most adults require 7-8 hours of sleep per day for optimal functioning. Sufferers of insomnia typically awaken to a feeling fatigue and tiredness, which translates into difficulty in approaching

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13 Apr

Eating Disorders Tied to Absence of Brain Cannabinoids

New research suggests that a brain malfunction that leads to deficits in endocannabinoids may contribute to anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Eating Disorders Tied to Absence of Brain Cannabinoids- Endocannabinoids are substances made by the brain that affect brain function and chemistry in ways that resemble the effects of cannabis derivatives, including marijuana and hashish. These drugs are often

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