Governor Robert Bentley Signs Alabama Leni’s Law, Decriminalizing Medical Marijuana Oil

Alabama continues to sign laws to allow legal use of medical marijuana.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has signed legislation into law to legalize the possession of medicinal marijuana oil.

Bentley on Wednesday signed the bill to allow people to bring cannabidiol into the state for medical purposes.

Bentley says patients with debilitating diseases should be able to “consider every possible option for treatment.”

The new law will go into effect on June 1st following the signature by the Governor.

Legislators brought the bill in a bid to help families dealing with serious epilepsy and other medical conditions.

The new law will allow oils with up to 3 percent THC, the psychoactive property of marijuana that leads to a high.

At a public hearing last month, several physicians opposed the legislation. Dr. Shannon Murphy said 3 percent THC is too potent for children’s developing brains.

A University of Alabama at Birmingham study is currently examining EpiDiolex, a pharmacy-grade oil that contains .2 percent THC.

Governor Bentley released this statement after signing HB61, also known as Alabama Leni’s Law:

As a physician, I believe it is extremely important to give patients with a chronic or debilitating disease the option to consider every possible option for treatment. With Leni’s Law, citizens in Alabama will have access to cannabidiol that may help with treatment. Through a study at UAB, we have seen the benefit of cannabidiol to help with chronic seizures. I hope we will be able to collect information that will determine the efficacy of this substance in other chronic debilitating diseases.”

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