Washington Group Starts Fund to Help With The Cost Of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana’s Schedule 1 Status Leaves Little Options For Medical Assistance

Washington group starts fund to help with the cost of medical marijuana- The Washington CannaBusiness Association said Tuesday that the new charitable effort will expand patient access to medical marijuana.

 “People don’t have access to the same kinds of opportunities to get assistance for their medicine,” said WACA Executive Director Vicki Christophersen.” We heard, and have been hearing from patients — legitimate patients who have an authorization — there are people having a difficult time accessing their medications.”

Patients taking traditional prescription drugs can often times find discounts or funding for their prescriptions from pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and charities. Those options don’t exist for medical marijuana at this time.

“Hopefully we can help fill that void until the federal government changes the status of marijuana nationally,” Christophersen said.

Medical Access Fund

Because of the legal and regulatory challenges and unknowns regarding anything new in the cannabis industry, the medical access fund is still being organized. WACA plans on having it operational by spring.

Qualifying patients with an authorization from a medical professional can apply for financial support from the fund. Forms will be available at WACA members’ retail locations and online starting in the first quarter of next year, according to the association.The lack of certified medical products offered in retail stores did not play into the decision to start this fund, Christophersen said.

ay,” she said.

Anyone will be able to donate to the fund, she said. It will be administered separately from WACA.

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