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Cannabis Success Stories From HelloMD- After serving thousands of patients at HelloMD we have seen a pattern emerge: cannabis helps real people with real conditions.HelloMD Shares Marijuana Patient Story- People from all walks of life are turning to cannabis in lieu of opioids, other medications or alternative therapies because they are ... Read More
November 12, 2016Daily Dose
Patients Enrolled In Minnesota's Medical Marijuana Program For Pain


Minnesota Medical Marijuana Program Saving People With Pain Pain patients have rushed to a program that has battled slow enrollment  since its launch last year.Patients enrolled in Minnesota's medical marijuana program for pain have found relief from their symptoms.  “It’s given me my life back,” said Jeanne Luck, one of the 1,667 Minnesotans ... Read More
November 8, 2016Daily Dose
New Mexico Policy Makers Asking For Marijuana To Fight The Opioid Epidemic


New Mexico Has The Highest Drug Overdose Death Rate In The Nation For Majority Of The Last Two Decades The number of overdose deaths involving opiates and heroin has almost doubled around the country since the year 2000. In 2014, 547 New Mexicans died of a drug overdose. Drug overdoses killed more New Mexicans ... Read More
November 6, 2016Daily Dose
Mormon Family Joins In The Fight to Legalize Marijuana


Brother Tried Everything Eastern and Western Medicine Could Offer To Relieve Pain Nathan and Aaron Frodsham are twins, they live in Utah. One is a data scientist, the other a doctor who works with cancer patients. They are both Mormon. After his brother tried everything Eastern and Western medicine could offer to relieve pain ... Read More
November 4, 2016Daily Dose
Marijuana Not A Gateway Drug


Attorney General Meets With High School Students To Discuss Opioid Abuse Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was attending an event for the Prescription Opioid Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week campaign. The Attorney General told a group of Kentucky high school students that marijuana in the national drug abuse debate has been mis-categorized as "A gateway drug". The opioid ... Read More
October 17, 2016Daily Dose
HelloMD Joins UC Berkeley to Study Cannabis, Pain and Opioid Use


Opioid Epidemic in the US More than 165,000 people have died in the U.S. from overdoses related to prescription opioids. The opioid epidemic reached an all time high with 18,893 people dying from overdoses in 2014 alone. Americas opioid epidemic is fueled by irresponsible, long lasting prescriptions and the wide availability of the drug. Opiates are addictive because ... Read More
October 16, 2016Daily Dose
Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease - Smoking Marijuana


How medical marijuana could help our aging community to get the most out of retirement The legalization of medical cannabis increases workplace participation among those aged 50 and older. According to a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, states that passed medical marijuana into law saw a ... Read More
October 12, 2016Chris Nazarenus


Marijuana use has been a dicey subject for Olympic athletes in the past. Back in 2009, Michael Phelps acknowledged a photo of him using a bong was real, and he was suspended from competition for three months. On top of that, he lost a lucrative sponsorship from Kellogg’s. Now, eight ... Read More
July 20, 2016Daily Dose
Former NFL players pushing for Medical Marijuana


Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, who suffers from Early Onset Dementia, supports medical marijuana. After Eugene Monroe openly advocated for the use of medical marijuana as a healthier alternative to opioids, the Baltimore Ravens released him.
June 22, 2016Chris Nazarenus