5 Helpful Hints When You’re Too High

Butler Ohio Concert Ends With Suspected THC Over Consumption

How high is too high, and what to do when you’ve found yourself there. 24 people in Butler Ohio answered the age old question, how high is too high. A weekend long concert at Ohio Dreams action sports camp ended with 24 festival goers in the hospital for a suspected THC over consumption. Those who had a bad reaction were taken to Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital. Some concert goers were given packets of candy labeled “Prescribed Medibles” and “Nerd Bites.”. Containing THC, the psycho active substance found in marijuana. The dosage at this point is unclear.

Police Lt. Joe Petryck  “There were about 20 pieces in each one, Each had a very, very high dose of THC. We have not seen this stuff in our area before. They didn’t lose consciousness,” he said. “They just felt different.. Everybody appears to be OK,”

Never Take Candy From Strangers

The good news is, no one has ever died from a marijuana over consumption. Researchers have found that it would take 1000X the amount of marijuana in your typical joint to have a life risking reaction, in comparison, 10x the recommended amount of alcohol can result in death.

While you wont die from ingesting too much marijuana, it can be uncomfortable, with symptoms including, dry mouth, red eyes, slower reactions, increased heart rate and anxiety. Severe symptoms include extreme anxiety and severe paranoid.

5 Helpful Hints

First things first, with edibles the best rule of thumb is to start with less than you think you need and to wait 2 hours before you consume more. If its too late for that or you know you cant stop eating those delicious cannabis brownies, we are here to help with 5 helpful hints


Cold water, juice, even soda will help with dry mouth. If you want added relief at a twist of citrus contains the terpine limonene, known to counter the effects of THC. Feel better and look fancy with your umbrella drink, speaking of..


Studies show that alcohol can raise THC levels in the bloodstream, as well as being dehydrating. If you’re already too high, getting a little or a lot drunk will make it worse.


The British Journal of Pharmacology found,  terpenoids found in pepper could help with the THC-induced symptoms felt from the phytocannabinoids found in marijuana.


One of the best things you can do to help with the anxiety and paranoia that can come from too much THC  is to relax. Listen to Enya, curl up in a blanket burrito and Netflix your anxiety away. Take a warm bath, maybe some lavender bath salts, get zen.


When all else fails find a safe place and sleep it off. You may wake up with a weed “hangover” with symptom’s headache, lethargy, dehydration, dry itchy eyes, grogginess and spaciness.


Make sure to never drive while under the influence of marijuana, if you are feeling uncomfortable or want to leave a location after ingesting too much cannabis, call a friend or an Uber to take you to a safe comfortable space.

Editors Note

A previous version of this article used the term “overdose”. We here at Medical Marijuana 411 understand that that is an inflammatory, false term. When you look at the outcome of overdoses from other drugs compared to over doing marijuana there is no comparison, and we have changed the terminology to reflect that. Thank you for your input!

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