Doctor Takes a Risk and Saves Autistic Boy

Meiko Hester Perez Talks About The Doctor That Prescribed Medical Marijuana and Saved Her Son’s Life

Transcript: I sat in the doctor’s office and when I realized that Joey was not a candidate for a feeding tube because of the severity of his autism. I realized that he was 46 pounds…that day was, that was a long day for me. I could not understand how a doctor could walk into a room and tell me that my son was under weight, obviously, he was okay with the medication that he was on and tell me that he was not a candidate for a feeding tube, giving Joey (autistic child) more medication would make his condition worse.

Well, that’s great…give me no answers and walk out and see another patient. Unbelievable.

If you could have seen the fear in my eyes…I get a blow from the diagnosis of autism. And now, I am getting another blow to my gut for the medications associated with autism?? So matter what, my son is going to die? Or no matter what, his life is a waste and you are going to see your next patient?? Do we need to remind the doctors of the oath that they took when they become doctors? You see so many patients that you forget what it is like to be a parent, to be a mom, to be compassionate. You would not stay in there another five minutes to figure out a way to stop my son from dying. Or walk out of the room to see the next patient. Not only have I not seen that doctor again, but now every doctor I do see to determine how compassionate they are.

Finding my son’s current doctor was a blessing. I finally found a doctor that was in the right field and who honored the oath she took when she became a medical doctor. At this point, those doctors are far and few between. When I came to her, with all of my documentation supporting why Joey might be a candidate for medical marijuana, I did that because he was dying. Dying is permanent. That means Joey is not coming back…that’s it, no more Joey. I could not imagine my life after everything that I had been through after every fight with the school district, fight with the regional center, dealing with people looking at me weird, dealing with my family asking why I don’t come to family events, after everything I had been through, there was no way I was going loose Joey.

So, when she (doctor) said, I agree with you. We don’t have any time. We don’t have any time. Joey is dying. I will recommend the medical marijuana for Joey. I may be fired, but she still said that I cannot sit her and say that the marijuana is not going to be effective for Joey after all of the information that you have provided for me. I had a doctor who was willing to put here livelihood, her career on the line for his health, to preserve his life. Everyday that Joey is on the medical marijuana is a day that we are seeing my son come back. I lost him at 16 months and I truly feel that we are on the 17th month now, Joey is doing amazing things right now. All 13 of those other medications could not do…(most importantly) preserve his life.

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