The Apothecarry Case – Luxury and Function

As responsible cannabis users, we’re always on the lookout for great new products that will provide a useful and responsible benefit to our lifestyle. The Apothecarry case fits that description as well or better than most new products we’ve seen and after spending some time reviewing the case and it’s accessories, we really believe in the case and we know you will love it, as well.  The idea makes complete sense and provides us with a 21st century solution to the age old question:  How do I keep my medication fresh, organized and secure?  Well, here it is.  A high quality solution that lets us ditch the stereotypes and finally get away from the old shoebox.

They have an Indiegogo campaign running right now and have just eleven days left to reach their goal.  Go have a look, definitely check out the video we are sharing here and see for yourself.

The Website is awesome, has tons of pictures and some great information that will get you fully acquainted with their products.  Visit the Apothecarry website to learn more and get pre-order information, as well.

You can learn more about this great new product on their YouTube Channel: The Apothacarry YouTube Channel

The Apothecarry case is definitely impressive and loaded with useful features. The lock is an especially useful feature for responsible patients. A great solution with tons of storage for all of your herb and accessories.

Go check out the Apothecarry Case and be sure to share this great solution with friends.

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