How Cannabis Is Curing Crohn’s Disease

Cannabis Proves Effective In Curing Crohn’s Disease

Fatin Phoenix Ward battling Crohn’s Disease, a disease considered to be incurable, claims she managed to cure herself of the disease using dietry cannabis.

Fatin Phoenix Ward was diagnosed in 2007 after 11 months of diarrhea and extreme stomach pain.

“I was on steroids and cortisone for several months, had numerous side effects and the colon was still swollen. My stomach and colon were starting to feel like they were decaying on the inside, accompanied with diarrhea as well as Erythema Nodosum on my legs and elbows. Erythema Nodosumis an inflammatory condition characterized by inflammation of the fat cells under the skin, resulting in tender red nodules or lumps. that are usually seen on the front of both shins which lead to extreme pain in my elbow joints and affected both legs. I wasn’t able to straighten my arms and grab things, nor was I able to walk for several weeks. I was paralyzed! I was completely dependent on my families help.The pharmaceutical drugs I had to take did not really help, but rather made everything worse, as I’ve suffered from many side effects affecting my skin and my mobility for months.I found myself in the darkest hour of my life, since the pain was so strong that I couldn’t sleep, stay awake or even think straight, and it seemed that no cure was available.”

Desperate for a real cure, she began to look online – and found several studies which described the use of cannabis as a cure. The results of the research suggested that daily doses (60 mg per day) of the cannabinoid CBD reduced the symptoms as well as the outbreaks of Crohn’s disease.


Unwilling to surrender to the plague of emotional depression and physical defeat, I began channeling my energy into creating a unique raw cannabis based die for healing. Within six months, I was completely healed of Crohn’s disease. – Fatin Phoenix Ward


She claims that just three days after taking the class B drug, her excruciating pain disappeared, and the side effects from the pharmaceutical drugs stopped as well. She has been consuming dietary cannabis now for 7 years and did not experience any outbreaks from Crohn’s disease ever since.

In August of last year, she had a colonoscopy and to her relief, the doctor told her that her colon wall is completely restored and does not show any traces of Crohn’s disease. (For pictures from her colonoscopies visit:

“I made the impossible possible and cured an incurable disease with dietary cannabis!”

Her doctor confirmed Mrs Ward had not received any Crohn’s treatment since she started her cannabis therapy.

Fatin Phoenix Ward, a teacher and researcher from Berlin, Germany, said: “Finding out that Crohn’s disease is considered to be incurable was terrible.”


All I had in those dark days was my laptop, and that’s when I began searching for something else that could cure me – I couldn’t accept I was going to be a victim of the pharma industry. Dietry cannabis helped me make the impossible possible, and allows me to live a pain-free life without any side-effects. – Fatin Phoenix Ward


Fatin developed a desire to share her liberating encounter with others, soon realizing that limited audiences had not yet been exposed. Compelled to address this need, Fatin chose to speak out and wrote her latest book The Medical Marijuana Healing Bible about her miraculous healing journey which will be published in spring 2015. She is now campaigning for changes in the laws worldwide to allow cannabis oil and other forms of cannabis to be legally used medicinally to treat other people.

Latest research published in the journal Pharmacology and by the National Institute of Health has found that cannabis is effective in treating Crohn’s disease, which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBDs such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s affect over a million people in the United States today. Many IBS victims suffer from extreme pain, diarrhea and poor ability to digest food. Up to half of IBD cases are so severe that they ultimately require surgery to remove the affected bowel segment.

The research study, entitled:“Cannabis Finds Its Way into Treatment of Crohn’s Disease”, International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, Vol. 93, No. 1-2, 2013 Dec 17;93(1-2):1-3, is co-authored by Rudolf Schicho, PhD and M. Storr, both of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, Medical University of Graz in Graz, Austria.

Dr. Schicho and Dr. Storr note in the study abstract, that In ancient medicine, cannabis was widely used to treat and cure bowel disturbances and inflammation, and a recent clinical study now shows that Cannabis sativa lived up to expectations and proved to be highly efficient in cases of inflammatory bowel diseases.

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