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Irvin Rosenfeld - For Past 32 Years, His Medicine Has Been Marijuana


"Compassionate Investigational New Drug" Program Patient Speaks Out The tin canister that Irvin Rosenfeld picks up every month, filled to the brim with 300 marijuana cigarettes, is not something he tries to hide. In fact, the 61-year-old Portsmouth native encourages a look, because he's got papers. Rolling papers, sure, but legal ones, too. ... Read More
April 1, 2015Daily Dose


The Molecules Found In Pot Kill Breast And Lung Cancers In Lab Tests National Cancer Institute says marijuana fights cancer. Last year, the National Cancer Institute — “the U.S. government’s principal agency for cancer research” — created a stir by publishing the truth: the molecules found in pot kill breast and ... Read More
March 26, 2015Daily Dose
ALS and Medical Marijuana


Cannabis Oil A World Class Healer Cannabis oil is gathering unstoppable momentum as a world class healer, and there is little or nothing Western Governments are going to be able to do stop it. Cases are popping up all over the world showing that cannabis oil has healed some very serious ... Read More
March 25, 2015Daily Dose
Medical Marijuana For Pain? More Patients Are Saying Yes


Concrete Reasons Why Marijuana is Medicine Five concrete benefits of cannabis as A medicine. The concept of medical cannabis is not new. The ancient physicians prescribed it for pain relief, digestive problems and psychological disorders, among other conditions. Cannabis sativa is the plant from which the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds ... Read More
March 3, 2015Daily Dose
Illinois Children Will Soon Qualify for Medical Marijuana


The active molecules in cannabis, another study has revealed there potential. Marijuana kills brain cancer, study confirms. Scientists using an extract of whole-plant marijuana rich in pot’s main psychoactive ingredient THC as well as cannabidiol (CBD) showed “dramatic reductions in tumor volumes” of a type of brain cancer. “High-grade glioma is one ... Read More
February 24, 2015Daily Dose
Illinois Adds Autism As Qualifying Condition For Medical Marijuana


Currently, 20 states and District of Columbia have given the green light to treat certain medical conditions with marijuana Marijuana Refugees: Looking for a New Homes in Marijuana-Legal States They are known as "marijuana refugees" -- people who have relocated or are planning to move because pot is now legal in ... Read More
January 18, 2015Daily Dose


Family wished for cannabis sooner Cannabis for kids: Israel pioneers pediatric pot. Yaniv Eshed is a big believer in the medical benefits of marijuana for children. Eshed's 9-year-old son, Aviel, is being treated for bone marrow cancer at Sheba Medical Center, the largest hospital in Israel. Yaniv Eshed told CNBC that he ... Read More
January 13, 2015Daily Dose
Five Studies That Prove Cannabis Is Medicine


44 medical studies that show cannabis can treat cancer When Richard Nixon declared war on drugs in the early 1970’s one of the not-so-obvious results of this mammoth policy shift was that scientific researchers were set back decades in discovering new cannabinoid-based treatments for serious medical conditions. In just a few ... Read More
January 12, 2015Daily Dose
GW Pharmaceutical THC CBD Cancer Treatment Patent


GW Pharmaceutical has received early approval on patent that covers marijuana chemical Drug maker will soon hold patent on THC CBD treatment. GW Pharmaceuticals announced that it has been issued a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office for a patent application involving the use of THC and CBD, the two main ... Read More
December 17, 2014Daily Dose