CBD For Dogs Becoming More Appealing to Pet Owners

Our animals mean everything to us. They provide love, comfort, and happiness on a dark day and make the best of times even better. Most pet owners will do whatever it takes to keep their beloved animals happy and healthy. CBD for dogs is becoming one of the more popular ways to keep man’s best friend in a state of good health. CBD or cannabidiol, is an appealing treatment option for dogs due to its ability to treat inflammation, arthritis, and other serious conditions with few to no side effects when administered correctly.

Barking Up the Right Tree

Treating dogs with any form of medication has never been an easy task. Dogs have no way of conveying the efficacy of a medication to their owner other than clear signs of lethargy or increased energy. According to NBC 6, when Nina Panageotou’s 11-year-old dog was diagnosed with cancer, she chose the route of natural medication. When she began researching CBD for dogs, Panageotou was surprised to see it was derived from cannabis but included none of the high-inducing compound THC. Before she introduced the CBD treatment, her dog, Cali, was lethargic and constantly tired.

Now, “she’s eating, playing and she sleeps well.” Panageotou now says “I wouldn’t give her anything else.”

Nina Panageotou is not alone. CBD for dogs is becoming an incredibly appealing option for owners. Whether it is to treat cancer, like in Cali’s case, or simply for maintaining a state of health and happiness, CBD is a solid option for dogs.

CBD For Dogs Needs to Be Studied

Dr. Stephanie McGrath, a neurologist at Colorado State University’s Jamie L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital recently conducted a study on the efficacy of CBD for dogs with epilepsy. The results of the study were incredibly optimistic. Dr. McGrath found that 89% of dogs that received CBD in a trial had some level of reduction in frequency of seizures. While this news is promising, it shouldn’t be surprising. In humans, CBD has already become an effective treatment for epileptic seizures. In October of 2018, CBD-based epilepsy drug Epidiolex was approved by both the FDA and DEA and has recently begun being prescribed by doctors.

Though there are anecdotal accounts and a small number of studies finding CBD for dogs to be effective, the extensive evidence necessary to consider it a 100% effective treatment for man’s best friend is not yet available. However, many believe CBD can be a valuable part of keeping their dog happy and healthy when dealing with conditions that are negatively affecting their well-being.


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