Colorado Introduces Marijuana Health and Safety Hotline

Throughout the United States, marijuana is increasingly being legalized and regulated. In fact, almost sixty percent of the United States has some form of legalized marijuana. Whether it be limited medical marijuana legalization, or full blown recreational legalization and regulation, marijuana is gaining popularity in the United States. With increased legalization, it is important that people have an opportunity to very clearly understand the highly complex nature of the plant. Marijuana safety protocols will protect everyone, and hurt no one.

Colorado at the Forefront of Marijuana Progress

Colorado, a state notorious for being at the forefront of marijuana legalization, and the state which first legalized recreational marijuana use, is taking major steps towards promoting marijuana safety guidelines. Officials for the state Department of Health have introduced the Marijuana Health and Safety Hotline intended for people who have health and or proper use questions related to marijuana.

Information For Colorado’s Marijuana Users

The call center will feature different pharmacologists, toxicologists, and doctors will be available for communication twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Colorado Health officials stated, “These medical experts can answer questions about occupational safety hazards for marijuana industry workers as well as questions about pesticides, toxins, additives, ingredients and contaminants in marijuana and cannabidiol products.”

They will not however be answering questions regarding pricing or dispensary locations. Additionally, the hotline is not intended for those in the midst of an emergency, especially if it is life-threatening in any way.

Setting the Standard

It is important that more states follow the lead of Colorado. In Colorado, steps are almost constantly being taken to make sure that marijuana use is being regulated and that safety guidelines are being met. Marijuana legalization will never be taken completely seriously until strict standards are met for how the process should be handled.

When California begins the era of recreationally legal marijuana in the state, they will become the biggest barometer for success. If the state approaches legalization and regulation with the same care and attention that Colorado has by implementing the Marijuana Health and Safety Hotline and other precautions, then and only then will they succeed.

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