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Dr. David Allen Explains Medical Marijuana

Sam Sabzehzar 2015-03-11 2 comments

Dr. David Allen Discusses The War On Drugs

Dr. David Allen explains medical marijuana legalization and how the rules of engagement in the war on drugs are being violated by the U.S. government, and how the body of science that now uses cannabinoid-based medicines should be used throughout America as well, not just in emergency rooms and through prescriptions, but through the ingestion of the whole plant, daily, as a supplement to their diet.


  1. William morley

    I wasd denied so called narcotic pain relief at all at all, despite my t11 and t12 over 60 percent crushed and much more wro.g with back because i had used a so called by them illegal drug, and my pain was only an indication i as an illegal drug user ofcannabis and hence an aberrant drug abuser they called me, simply had nothing wrong with back and my cannabis use proved to them that i was just trying to get pain pills to get high thankyou so much dr thomas houston i am permanently in pain now due to his r3fusal to help me in anyway except to be sent to a drug abuse psychologist to tell me to think my way out of pain and back healing or treatment, severe punishment is due anyone who steps.onto the doctors drug monopoly and gestapo mentality, these are your doctors including the massachusetts medical society 25k of their doctors co.spiring and getting away with haulting the will of the people whom two thirds voted for medical cannabis, unhappy at their loss of money making monopoly via death punishments even, they onvaded the state government in boston, used lawyers money lies and much more to keep the law from being impmemented and conto.ue to thwart and take away the will and rights of the majority of voters and people in massachusetts claiming despite the publics overwhelming vote, that they knew better what good for the people and h3nce the vote was inco.sequ3ntial, they will co.tinue to kill and maim and imprison anyone who invades the money making monopoly based on lies deception illegal immoral blocking of the right to vote and much much more, in a different world they the head masters of this so called.medical society would be put in prison instead of thise t4ying to be healthy

  2. William morley

    When i fell out of a tree approx 30 feet in air and thought i was dying, thanks to this info being given me a long time ago by dr robert melameade of the university of colrado phd biochemist, i crawled to my truck unable to breath and in severe pain, before i somehow drove home 2 miles to have daughter take me to e.r., i immediately took 4 big puffs of hashish, high in cbd, i survived but with horrible broken back caused not just by fall but by e.r. doctor mistreating me and the v.a, hospital doctor thomas houstons punishing me and with holding care because of all things i knew this medicine to be good for you and yet these doctors who basically caused the incarceration of millions of people and deaths of millions of people so they could maintain a strnglehold and monopoly on drugs forcing people to go thru them in order to try and be healthy, they have ruined the u.s. healthcare system in many ways, made a mockery of our lying and cheating people out of the dignity of their lives in order to.perpetuate a drug monopoly based on actual prison sent3nces for anyone tryingto live free and wise