Dr. Frank Lucido Supports Repealing Cannabis Prohibition

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  October 22, 2011

Dr. Frank Lucido has been practicing medicine in Berkeley since 1979 and will continue to do so after marijuana prohibition is lifted.

With all the attention from the U.S. Attorneys on California’s medical marijuana program, the conversation to legalize marijuana is more popular than ever, and as the latest Gallup Poll shows an approval rating greater than 50% for the the first time in U.S. history, the iron is hot.

There are at least two initiatives making their way through the legislative process in California that, with the hammer’s strike, and with a little help from the Feds as they irresponsibly enforce bad laws at the ever-aggravating cost to taxpayers, will finally draw a line in the sand and force the hand of brave politicians to stand on the right side of history on this issue.

There have been a myriad of law enforcement officials, judges, and doctors all in support of the most recent initiatives, including Dr. Frank Lucido.

Dr. Lucido, most recently featured in Rod Pitman’s film A NORML Life: The American Marijuana Revolution, explains why he supports the Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012, and why the age restriction of 19  still sends the message that cannabis is safer than alcohol.

The initiative would create the California Cannabis Commission that would regulate the plant’s commercial use, both for industrial hemp and for recreational adult use, while leaving the state’s Compassionate Use Act (Prop 215) securely in place for those under the age of 19, and for those requiring more than three pounds annually for medical and preventative care purposes.



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