Cancer Survivor – Using A Vaporizer

Cancer Survivor – Emily Sander – Using A Vaporizer

Medical Marijuana 411 ( interview with Emily Sander, student and lymphoma cancer survivor talks about how she utilized medical marijuana as a positive part of her treatment.

Part Four – Using A Vaporizer

Currently, lymphoma free, Emily talks about the benefits of medical marijuana as part of her treatment regimen. A non-drug user all of her life, Emily turned to the medicinal use of marijuana to counter the side effects of her chemotherapy. Here she talks about how she ingests medical marijuana using a vaporizer.

Transcript of video:

I don’t want smoke in my lungs, I don’t want the harsh sort of pot feeling of it and personally that not part of the ritual of it and some people like that’s the ritual of it and so then smoking a joint is not a bad way of doing it for them is part of the experience, part of the actual medication quality of it to help them calm down.

But for me I don’t need, I never smoked, anything really in my life so I don’t have that attachment it the smoke ring ritual.

I like that you sort of taste but it is not harsh, there’s is no smoke it quick its easy, less messy you can do it in your apartment you don’t have to go out on your balcony or make your whole house smell like weed. More private, sort of personal.

They have so many different kinds it like little portable ones you can use there are different varying degrees depending how much you want to spend for them.

I’ve just found that way was just perfect for what I want to use it for.

So its good there are so many different ways to use it and there are spays now, pills and different things so that whatever way that it feels most like a medication for you, there is some way to do it.

Not like you have to smoke pot. It great, cause for people like me, I’m dealing with so many other health issues, I don’t want a health issue from my medicine.

It’s great that the technology is now, so its great that you can get it in many forms. You can get the one that works for you.

This Video is Part 4 of 4


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