Grass Fed Documentary Tracks Comedians Weight Loss With Medical Marijuana

Sciatica Relief and Weight Loss Through Medical Marijuana

In his Grass Fed documentary, Montreal filmmaker Ezra Soiferman chronicles wild-man Montrealer Mike Paterson’s efforts to get in shape before his wedding.

Paterson, a gonzo wit/wrestler/actor/pitchman, merely wanted to lose 50 pounds in four months before taking his marital vows to his beloved Monika Schmidt in Mexico. He also wanted to rid himself of his debilitating sciatica condition.

Having done his homework, Soiferman deduced that Paterson could both overcome his sciatica and lose weight by obtaining a legal medical marijuana prescription.

The Grass Fed documentary focuses its attention on Paterson, who treats his debilitating back pain by completely changing his health and lifestyle with a marijuana and hemp-infused diet. Soiferman says that the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision last June, which stated that medical marijuana patients must be given access to products other than dried pot, such as cannabis-infused cookies, brownies, oils and tea, will have “a profound effect on our society.”

One hitch: Paterson was averse to smoking, so he embarked on a (legal) hemp-infused diet as well as cannabis edibles to munch on. A vegetarian in spite of his heft, Paterson had little difficulty adapting to his new diet. More problematic would be an exercise regime, and so he also hit the gym.

The documentary opens with Paterson doing standup at the Comedy Nest and telling the audience about his impending activity. We next see him in his home, struggling to get out of bed or even put on his own socks. He is quick to admit that he eats poorly and is overweight. We are quickly introduced to the scale and watch his dramatic weight loss take place. Paterson skypes with a doctor from London, Ontario, who is guiding him and then heads to Tweed, a  medical marijuana factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario. What used to be Canada’s Hershey chocolate factory is now the largest cannabis factory in Canada.

Soiferman’s documentary is aptly titled Grass Fed, and it makes its world première Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 9 p.m. on CBC’s Documentary Channel (available in Canada only). Here is the trailer:

Regardless of the abundant levity during his travels and his new-found culinary appreciation of cannabis-laden brownies and Indian delights, Paterson becomes a different human on what he calls “a life-altering journey.” So much so that Paterson even parts ways with his beloved mullet.

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge of legalized marijuana – of the non-medical variety – pans out, Canadians can expect a sort of reefer madness coming to the tube. Three weeks ago, Reefer Riches, about the proliferation of the pot biz in Colorado and Washington, aired on CBC’s Firsthand series. And now Grass Fed.

“It’s a bit of a coincidence,” Soiferman says. “These movies take a long time to make. It just so happens that at the time these two documentaries are ready to be shown is right after the Liberals happen to win the election with a platform of legalizing marijuana. Perhaps it was all meant to be.”

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