Greenway University, America's Only State-Approved Medical Marijuana School, Opens its New 25,000 Square Foot Campus Facility in Denver, Colorado

The country's largest medical marijuana educational facility

Greenway University, the industry’s leading medical marijuana educational provider, will be opening its NEW 25,000 square foot state of the art campus facility on December 4th, 2010. The facility will also house a multitude of products and services for the medical marijuana industry. Greenway University, as the nation’s first and only state approved and regulated medical marijuana educational provider, is marking another industry milestone.

Gus Escamilla, Greenway University founder and CEO stated, “The opening of our campus facility encompassing everything medical marijuana industry related, further demonstrates our forward thinking commitment to the industry.” Greenway University is renowned for its compliance driven medical marijuana educational services in California, Colorado and the western US.

“This marks another milestone for Greenway University. It will allow students, patients and industry professionals alike to share in a space that provides everything from professional services, legal, accounting, education, media and production facilities, associated businesses and banking facilities for the entire industry that will be housed under one roof,” Escamilla added. Additionally, “We will continue to seek and provide a space where students, patients and industry professionals can receive advanced professional skillsets while acquiring the essential business tools and services they need in order to participate in the medical marijuana industry.”

To become the nation’s leading driver of education in the medical marijuana industry, the organization provides students with vertically integrated solutions that include, insurance services, merchant solutions, consulting to ensure compliance and the highest quality of operational standards. Greenway University has a fundamental commitment to legitimize the medical marijuana industry through professionalism, technology and educational innovation.

“Greenway University is positioned to expand our leading educational programs across the US with the continued legalization of the medical marijuana industry. We are poised to offer advanced courses in every aspect of the industry from our industry leading certification programs, to advanced professional business services,” Escamilla added.

About Greenway University:

Greenway University, approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, is the industry’s leading multi-spectrum medical marijuana business that is committed to the highest standards in education, technology, cultivation, distribution and compliance. Based in Denver, Colorado, Greenway University has campuses in Colorado.

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