Here Are The Laws You Need To Know For Growing And Possessing Marijuana In Any US State


Well of course, the worst state as far as home grow is concerned is Washington state, because it does not allow for any home grow of marijuana. Most states top out at 6 plants. Colorado, 3 mature, 3 immature. Oregon 4 plants. Alaska, 3 mature, 3 immature, but they are also allowed 25 plants under their privacy rights. Washington DC, 3 mature, 3 immature with a household limit of 12. Nevada, Nevada’s


initiative is tricky because it says you have the right to cultivate 6 plants and a household limit of 12, but that’s only if you live more than 25 miles from a pot shop. They have a halo in the Nevada kremla. Massachusetts, 6 plants with a limit of 12 per household, Maine, 6 mature plants, 12 immature plants, and unlimited seedlings. Arizona, 6 plants, household limit of 12, California


Sean Parker, 6 plants, California CCPR, 100 square foot canopy, California MCLR, a personal use amount, and the Jack Herer initiative would allow 99 flowering plants and unlimited immature plants. Then, how much marijuana, if you’re going to be harvesting marijuana from your plants, how much can you possess at home? Well, under the best of these laws, they allow you to possess


the results of your harvest, so however many plants you’re growing, whatever you harvest, you’re allowed to possess. That would include all of the California amendments except Jack Herer, but Jack Herer allows 12 pounds. Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine and Arizona all allow results of the harvest, Alaska and Colorado currently allow results of the harvest. But Washington state, of course,


doesn’t allow for any home grow, so technically you can still possess your ounce at home. Oregon limits your home grow to 8 ounces possession, and Washington DC allows you 2 ounces of possession. 
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