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How To Smoke A Joint – The Schiavelli Method

Daily Dose 2011-01-14 0 comments

Some people will say there isn’t a right or wrong way to smoke a joint.

I would disagree with them, and insist that there is a correct way to smoke a joint, or maybe a more correct way to inhale your medicine, so you get greater satisfaction from your joint.

For many year I disliked smoking joints – I preferred using a pipe. Joints just didn’t seem to work for me until I saw the film this clip comes from – the 1971 film Taking Off by Milos Forman.

One day I tried smoking along with the people in the movie, following the advice of Vincent Schiavelli, and it was the best joint I had ever smoked.

So now I offer, for your entertainment and education – The Schiavelli Method of Joint Smoking:


Points to Remember

  • Take in a lot of oxygen with your hit by turning up the corners of your mouth.
  • Hold your hit in for a count of ten, exhaling (preferably) through your nose.
  • Pass the joint to the person sitting next to you (if you are medicating with others.)
  • Do not, I repeat – DO NOT Bogart the joint.

Have a great weekend!