‘I Gave My Autistic Child Medical Marijuana’ – A Mother’s Story

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What led you to medical cannabis and were you resistant to the idea at first? – Well considering my son was 48 pounds and he was not a candidate for a feeding tube and the medical community, certain pediatricians could not give me any answers, what was a thought and I, you know, I just thought about it, I said you know marijuana, you know you know, I said and I said you know what I couldn’t possibly be the only
parent who has, you know, who is about to go online and do search logging for autism and medical marijuana and as soon as I did that a very well known doctor in the autism community, his findings came up, Dr. Bernard Rimland and his whole protocol is dietary and in his findings he says how this is a healthy alternative to the synthetic pharmaceuticals for our children. And goes on and on about
you know being a responsible parent and and following this type of protocol and mind you I had exhausted all other treatments. – Sure – And with autism you know each child has a different genetic make up, so what works with mine may not work with another child. I was clearly at the end and and this was, you know, we were 13 medications into finding an alternative. – So how long ago did you start
this new cannabis therapy and what was it like on the first day? – Well we started seven months ago and the first day within the first hour it was almost nothing short of a miracle. My son has repetitive behaviors, he would go to the refrigerator multiple times and all of a sudden he just wanted to sit in his room and play with his toys. We were sitting in the living room and it was quiet in our
home and we just stood there you know my husband and I we said you know we’re not going to go check on Joey because we’ve never heard our house be this quiet before, and I got up and I peeked in on him and he was sitting there playing peacefully. He was calm, and you know a lot of people say or I’ve heard from a previous doctor that you know he was stoned, well Joey has a different immune system
than the average person due to autism, the autism attacks the immune system and so you and I would be high, Joey for some reason it balanced him out, it was the medication it, it was a miracle., it was a miracle.

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