Javier Sicilia, Featured Protester in Time Magazine Person of the Year (SP)

Speaking about why he protests, and why he endorses Regulate Marijuana Like Wine, Javier Sicilia opens up to U.S. Congressional Candidate Steve Collett.

Excerpt from Time Magazine

Mexican poet and author Javier Sicilia, who tragically lost his son in the drug war, and U.S. Congressional Candidate Steve Collett, who hopes to end the war on drugs.


Javier was one of several protesters featured in the Person of the Year issue in Time Magazine.

“When Javier Sicilia’s 24-year-old son, health-administration student Juan Francisco, was brutally killed by drug traffickers in March, it was headline-grabbing news, because Sicilia, 55, is one of Mexico’s best-known authors and poets. But the tragedy made Sicilia realize how all too anonymous most of the 50,000 victims of Mexico’s bloody drug war have been.

Believing that President Felipe Calderón’s five-year-long military campaign against Mexico’s narcocartels has simply exacerbated the violence, he created the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity — which is informally and popularly called Hasta la Madre! or Fed Up! — to push for a stop to the mafia bloodshed and for new anticrime strategies and reforms.”


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