Joe Grumbine Talks About a Natural Stress Reliever Through Cannabis

Joe Grumbine Talks About a Natural Stress Reliever Through Cannabis

Joe Grumbine, founder of The Human Solution, lives with his family at Willow Creek Springs where he has a rather large garden of healing herbs, including cannabis.

Joe has been helping others heal with plant-based medicines far longer than the general public has understood the healing benefits of one of his most popular plants: cannabis.

A natural stress reliever, cannabis was used in his tinctures years ago when he first discovered an ancient recipe and saw how the liquid was a unique delivery method for those who needed the plant but didn’t know any other way to get it other than by smoking it.


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It all lined up, and I realized that a lot of people smoke marijuana “quote” recreationally, but what does that mean?  Why do you that?  Why would that be recreational?  And you think about it, what are you doing?  You take the edge off.  What it that?  What is the edge?  Think about that, the edge is something sharp that pushes against you, causes you pain and cuts you.  And to take that off is pulling that pressure, and that pain, and that hardship off of you.  Well how do you do it?  You take something into your body that allows your body to relax, and allows those pressures of life, those things that stick to you.  You could call them psychic attacks, anger, road rage, the noise, the kids, or whatever it is, those things are constantly are pelting you.  And it just sort of puts a buffer, puts a little blanket between you and it.  And it makes it not hurt, not bother and allows you to relax.  Well, what happens when you relax, your body can heal.  You sit in a jacuzzi, why?  So you can relax.  You get a massage, why, so you can relax.   Those are all therapeutic treatments.  You sit in a bathtub in the darkness with candles, to relax to heal to feel better.  Same thing that alcohol originally, people discovered it found that it took away their pain.  The world sucks.  It’s painful place.  You get cold, hungry, and thirsty and hurt and sick.  People are mad at you all the time.  Man, anything that can take that and make it not hurt so much, not is so traumatic and painful, is a healing thing.  Pharmaceutical companies have come up with all kinds of fancy ways to do that as well.  They make a lot of money at it.  They don’t make any money on this plant.  And so it seems that it has been a natural source of self-medication for a lot of people.  I believe that anything that enhances your quality of life and takes away pain and suffering is a good medicine.  The same as aspirin, any kind of antidepressant, or antianxiety or sleep aid. Would do nothing more than just take away that? Those are some of the highest prescribed medications in the world right now.  And anything that can do that in a natural way without any ill side effects, I think is powerful medicine.  And I think that is all that anybody needs to stand behind it for it’s valid use in modern society as medicine.  I agree and I have come to learn all of the amazing ways that it can also help all sorts of ailments from cancers to MS, to autism, to anorexia I mean you name it there all sorts of applications.  I have heard all kinds of miracle stories.  And I have witnessed it first hand.  I have seen people get off of opiates and wean themselves from antipsychotics and all kinds of powerful medicines that give people addiction and cause all kinds of liver problems and all sorts of negative effects.  And I have seen people reduce their need or eliminate it entirely because of cannabis.  But really, the only thing I need is to know it improves somebody’s quality of life.  I think our seniors are one of the groups of people I am trying to reach the most.  Because they are in the time that quality of life is the thing that they have, their most valuable resource.  If you’ve got three years to live, regardless of what that means, imagine if you could live it pain free, or stress free or a little happier for whatever reason.  What is that worth?  It’s massive.  That’s what medicine is.  Whether it cures an ailment or aleaves a symptom it’s medicine.  So for all the people that are all hung up that you have to be at deaths door, or you have to have an untreatable super severe ailment for it to be real, who are you?  Where is that line?  I could tell you a spectrum that goes from somebody that just gets irritable, and then turns around and yells at the kid, who turns around and is sad and does poorly, and that cascades, it’s a butterfly effect.  Where does it go, who knows?  Imagine, if instead of that, that person put their arm around that kid and said wow you did a good job.  Maybe they took a toke before that and felt a little bit better about things and that kid in turn came to school in a happy way, and did something good and changed the world.  I just think that small of a ripple effect all the way to the person who is throwing up and can’t sleep because of cancer treatments and now able to sleep and take in nourishment.  Where does the scale balance? Any time it tips it a little bit, it’s medicine.

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