Jorge Cervantes Discusses Joey's Journey and Mieko Perez on Pacifica's Berkeley Station

Today on Flashpoints, Dennis Bernstein, Executive producer and host invites Jorge Cervantes to discuss the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and he just so happens to mentions Mieko and her son Joey in the process.

Mieko and Jorge got to know one another in Michigan where they both spoke at Science and Compassionate Care Seminar, and have remained close ever since.

Jorge, a master horticulturalist, knows the value of good plant growth and how the levels of cannabinoids will vary depending on the type of grow system.

Using the sun and soil, for instance, will allow the plant to be in its natural environment, which will provide an atmosphere for all cannabinoids, besides THC (specifically cannabidiol, or CBD), to become more prevalent, keeping medical cannabis a ‘super food’ and engaging the body in a healing process that in Ms. Perez’s case, allows for her son Joey to maintain a better quality of life, and in turn so does the entire family!

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