Karmel Roe for Mayor is Only Hope for San Bernardino

Medical Marijuana 411 Endorses Karmel Roe for Mayor of San Bernardino

By MEDICAL MARIJUANA 411  |  November 4, 2013

Karmel Roe, center, with Navarre Bell, Tammy Martin-Ryles.

There are some candidates running for public office that understand when to lead, and when to follow.

In San Bernardino’s mayoral race, that candidate is Karmel Roe.

Roe is the only candidate in San Bernardino that has publicly stated a positive position for the rights of medical cannabis patients and is the only one that understands the needs of patients, and is willing to lead the city to a brighter future for the public at large, including medical marijuana patients.

Karmel Roe is also the only candidate to put a Democracy Now! news feed on her page, adding to her credibility, and brings a lifetime of local influence into her platform. With a background in real estate, Roe has seen San Bernardino suffer some of the country’s worst economic slides and has taken on Bank of America at the local level to help defend the rights of her neighbors through her organization.

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