Marijuana Breath Spray Now Available In California Bay Area Market

Minty mouth spray used to be about covering up recent marijuana consumption

In 2014, it is marijuana consumption. Marijuana Breath Spray Hits Bay Area Market.

Oakland-founded edibles maker Bhang Chocolate launches this winter in California dispensaries a line of breath sprays infused with either THC or CBD, the main active ingredients in cannabis. They’re perfect for medical marijuana patients that cannot or do not want to smoke, but need fast-acting cannabinoid therapy for a variety of ailments.

The Bhang THC 300 mg Crisp Mint Spray comes in a thin, metal tube with a press-down spray-top. You shake the bottle, spray your cheek a few times, and let the ingredients absorb through the mouth. Effects can start in as little as a few minutes. It tastes minty, sweet and spiked with a bitter medicinal extract flavor. It doesn’t taste bad, but takes some getting used to.

Each spray yields 2.5 mg of THC — which is sub-psychoactive, yet therapeutic. (One official dose of THC is 10 mg, according to Colorado state guidelines.) That’s superb titration compared to smoking joints, or eating edibles, which can take up to two hours to judge strength. Bhang uses CO2 extraction to isolate THC and infuse it into the mix of purified water glycerin, sweetener and peppermint.

Bhang’s THC mouthspray joins a rapidly expanding world of infused products that now include lozenges, gum, even infused sex lube.

Critics of medical marijuana worry about what message they send to children, and seek to ban industry innovation, or subject it to state approval. Washington requires state pre-approval for edibles. California does not.

Medical cannabis is legal in 23 states. Four states and Washington D.C. have legalized pot for adults 21 and over.

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