Marijuana Conference Makes Denver the Most NORML City in the Country

Cheech and Chong made an appearance on The Simpson's as marijuana has become a motif in the main stream media.

If cannabis is a sub-culture, the sub-culture has hit the mainstream.

With a well-timed cannabis conference taking place right around the 4/20 holiday, a theme which even The Simpson’s and The Office made reference to (even Spike TV, Comedy Central, and several other channels held 4/20 programming throughout the day), NORML celebrated the their 40th Anniversary.

Last weekend, NORML also took their National Conference to the Mile High City and while there was much to celebrate, there was also much insight to gain.

Project CBD’s Martin Lee (journalist, author of Acid Dreams) held a lecture early on the first day, explaining the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and how some results have intrigued patients and scientists alike.

Samantha Miller, who spoke to the idea that laboratory testing is in it’s infancy stage as we learn to discover more and more properties in the plant and our own endocannabinoid system.  Ms. Miller works for Pure Analytics, a laboratory testing facility in Southern California.  She also went into the various modes of testing and how (and why) to use each type.

One of the most influential intellects in the arena of cannabinoid therapeutics is Lester Grinspoon, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, made his first lecture outside the east coast since 2009.

Dr. Grinspoon, who also spoke at the first conference over 40 years ago, when he and Keith Stroup, NORML’s Founder, first became friends.

As a special treat for the 40th Anniversary of NORML and the attendees at the 2011 National Conference, Dr. Grinspoon held a very personal Q & A to close out the event.

“Radical” Russ Belville helped bring the event live to anyone who was unable to attend and can be viewed online at his Daily Stash of pot programming, brought to you by NORML.

Other speakers featured at the National event were Montel Williams, Warren Edson, Allen St. Pierre, Paul Armentano, Russ Belville, Amanda Reiman, PhD, Dr. David Bearman, Dr. Alan Shackelford, and many others who are helping to shape the national dialogue wherever conversations about cannabis occur.

NORML even brought to the table Denver’s mayoral candidates for an exclusive mayoral debate, where Doug Linkart set himself apart from the rest of the candidates with his unbridled support for pot and sympathy for medical cannabis patients.

Ziggy Marley was also on hand to promote his new comic book, MarijuanaMan, and even gave the attendees a private show.


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