Marijuana Consumption Reaches “High” Point Two Hours Before Kickoff

Marijuana Delivery Spikes In Preparation For Super”Bowl” 2017- Nine out of 10 people watch the Super Bowl at someone’s home. Joel Milton, CEO of Baker, a cannabis customer platform, found that casual smokers tend to prepare for the big day by buying pre-rolled joints. This claim is backed up by statistics, sales for Pre-rolls rose by 28%. Sales at dispensaries increased by 28.4% last year in the week ahead of the game.

Marijuana Delivery

A marijuana delivery service, Eaze, had a spike of 47.5% from 2-3 p.m. ahead of the kickoff in 2016.

Eaze medical marijuana delivery service shows a peak in demand ahead of last year's super bowl kickoff. (Graph provided by Eaze.)
Eaze medical marijuana delivery service shows a peak in demand ahead of last year’s super bowl kickoff. (Graph provided by Eaze.)

“Last year was exceptional for us because the Denver Broncos were in the Super Bowl,” said Sally Vanderveer, Denver dispensary owner “We saw a 30-40% uptick in sales from Thursday through Sunday. This year has been a little bit less than that, we anticipate this year will be a 20% increase.”Some buy six to seven vape pens for their parties” she said.

While vaporizing and smoking are the most popular method for social smoking edibles are at the bottom of the list for super bowl parties. That’s because the effects of edibles last longer and most people want an immediate effect that only lasts for a few hours.

Marijuana Saves Sick Days

“The good thing with marijuana is that there is no hangover and they can go to work the next day with no problem”

It is estimated that approximately 16 million Americans call in sick the day after Superbowl, making it the most call-outs of the year.  The estimated financial loss is $1 billion from inactivity of workers nursing hangovers.





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